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James Deane and Becky Evans. Interview by BMIRussian

О видео

Interview with @James Deane and @Becky Evans right before the first round of RDS GP in Moscow. With original sound. ("Drift from within" video series by BMIRussian.)

0:00 Intro

00:06 James' passion for cars. Where did it all start? His family.

02:21 Why drifting and not rally?

03:52 Is drifting a profession?

04:29 Did you dream of anything else as a kid?

05:55 Drivers in drifting and rally that he looked up to.

07:05 About Becky's love for cars and her family.

07:54 How they met and a few words about their relationship.

10:14 Having fun with the name. James Dean(e) - the actor or the porn star?

10:53 Becky and James' collection of cars, their dream cars.

11:43 A bit of "behind the scenes".

11:56 Racing simulators - are they of any benefit? What James and Becky think about video games.

14:49 How did Becky wind up at Driftmasters? "The winner is James Dinner!" How nervous do drivers and hosts get.

17:03 Does the "Queen of drifting" do drifting herself after all?

17:43 Ireland's drift scene. A few words on the history of the championship.

20:40 12.5.1. What's the situation in Ireland with car modification and policing? The US RPM Act.

23:20 The amazing story about the picture with James' father on his helmet.

25:15 Best and worst race. From James' and Becky's perspective.

28:41 Silvia 14.75 -14.9

29:07 A few words about Russia. Will James go see the Victory Day parade? The race in Sochi on his birthday.

30:02 Final question. A bit of tenderness. Outro.


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